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From "Rachel D. Basse" <>
Subject [PATCH] 2.2/platform/windows - command name 'apache' to 'httpd'
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2006 06:04:32 GMT
Hello! :) I'm very new to all of this, but I've done my best to follow all of the instructions
I've found.

I think I found an error in the document at,
or, more specifically, in the first code example in the second paragraph at

"To run Apache from the command line as a console application, use the following command:


I've attached (what I hope is) a patch made with Subversion, following the instructions at
The Apache Web Server Documentation Project (

I notice that "apache" is the command name given in the online html 2.0 documentation and
in the windows.xml file, but "httpd" is used for every other example in the online html 2.2
version. Also, "httpd" worked for me, whereas "apache" just caused a lot of head-scratching.
Is this a typo, or am I crazy?

Thanks and have a nice day,

P.S. I appreciate your patience while I'm adapting to your customs. Derp.

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