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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: Separate mailinglist for doc related bugs (Part 2)
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2006 00:26:27 GMT
At 2:19 PM +0200 2006/07/21, Ruediger Pluem wrote:
>As you may remember I started a discussion about 3 weeks ago, about splitting
>the documentation related bugzilla notification mails for httpd into 
>a separate
>mailing list. As the discussion revealed, there had been voices (or better a
>voice as far as can remember) that did not like removing the documentation
>notifications from bugs@ and sent them exlusively to 
>So I tried to find a solution that fits both needs. Meanwhile
> has been created and I tried to get bugs@ 
>to docs-bugs@ to get the notifications sent to both lists as bugzilla only
>accepts one target mail address for notifications.
>But the subscription of bugs@ to docs-bugs@ turns out to be 
>difficult and is not
>recommended according to Roy's comments in the JIRA ticket. He proposed two
>different solutions instead:
>1. Add a header to the documentaion mails of bugzilla (needs to be checked if
>this is possible). This would allow people who subscribe to bugs@ to 
>filter for
>documentation bugs and discard everything else if they like. Of course this
>requires a mail client that is capable of doing this and of course a user that
>is capable of configuring this :-).
>2. Sent a weekly summary of documentation bugs to docs@
>>From my point of view 1. is to inconvenient for users and 2. lets 
>too much time
>pass between the creation of the bug and the announcement to docs@.
>>From my personal point of view I still think that the best solution 
>to sent all
>documentation related bugs to docs-bugs@ exclusively. But my personal point of
>view does not matter that much in this case :-).

	FWIW, I'd like to subscribe to a docs-bugs list, but 
unsubscribed from bugs@ due to volume.

	How about creating a new forwarding address (not a list), 
such as docs-bugs-alias@, and forwarding all mail it receives to both 
bugs@ & docs-bugs@? That avoids the list-subscribed-to-list issue.

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