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From Ruediger Pluem <>
Subject Separate mailinglist for doc related bugs (Part 2)
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 12:19:00 GMT
As you may remember I started a discussion about 3 weeks ago, about splitting
the documentation related bugzilla notification mails for httpd into a separate
mailing list. As the discussion revealed, there had been voices (or better a
voice as far as can remember) that did not like removing the documentation
notifications from bugs@ and sent them exlusively to
So I tried to find a solution that fits both needs. Meanwhile has been created and I tried to get bugs@ subscribed
to docs-bugs@ to get the notifications sent to both lists as bugzilla only
accepts one target mail address for notifications.
But the subscription of bugs@ to docs-bugs@ turns out to be difficult and is not
recommended according to Roy's comments in the JIRA ticket. He proposed two
different solutions instead:

1. Add a header to the documentaion mails of bugzilla (needs to be checked if
this is possible). This would allow people who subscribe to bugs@ to filter for
documentation bugs and discard everything else if they like. Of course this
requires a mail client that is capable of doing this and of course a user that
is capable of configuring this :-).

2. Sent a weekly summary of documentation bugs to docs@

>From my point of view 1. is to inconvenient for users and 2. lets too much time
pass between the creation of the bug and the announcement to docs@.

>From my personal point of view I still think that the best solution to sent all
documentation related bugs to docs-bugs@ exclusively. But my personal point of
view does not matter that much in this case :-).

So I take back the discussion here and hope for a broad feedback.
First of all it needs to decided if improvements regarding the documentation bug
awareness and the documentation bug turn around times are needed. If not we can
close the whole subject.
If people think actions are required then we should decide what actions should
be taken.
As I started this discussion I am willing to initiate the needed infrastructure
tasks that are required for whatever solution comes out of this discussion.
The only thing I need is your feedback.



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