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From Astrid 'Kess' Ke├čler <>
Subject Re: /docs rewrite rules
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 18:29:41 GMT
On Tuesday 27 June 2006 18:25, Hiroaki Kawai wrote:
> > > I see.
> > >
> > > IMHO, we should not use /docs/mod/mod_xx.html any
> > > more and leave it as-is for historical reason.
> >
> > If we want to not-use /docs/something, we should get rid of it
> > altogether. If we don't want to get rid of it, it should point to the
> > most recent (stable) version.
> Agree.

No, disagree. We did use /docs/something in the past. And these docs pages are still valid.

As already said, especially by Joshua, there are a lot of reasons, to keep URIs stable. It's
not only, Joshua pointed out some more reasons. 

> > > By the way, in which page are you want to use
> > >
> > > syntax? Why you want to make it to point the
> > > recent version?
> >
> > These URLs exist, all around the internet, for various things. The help
> > bot in #apache uses them, for example.

If we want the bot to point to the current documentation, then these answers are wrong for
a long time. 
The bot is no argument to change our URIs. Teach the bot to give correct answers. The use
of /docs/current (nice idea) will fix this once and for all.

> >
> > It should point to the most recent version because otherwise people are
> > always looking at old docs, really, why do we /have/ newer versions, if
> > it's not because they're better - in some way - than the old?
> You mean, that the location /docs/mod/mod_xx.html is
> so distributed around the internet, that we want to
> navigate it to the current version, right?
> I agree that we want to make people use Apache2.2 because
> it is the best version available.

The better way would be (als also already sugested) to mark old docs being outdated and point
to /docs/current. This will give the reader every information he needs without breaking URIs.

Breaking URIs one of the most painful things at the web, I know. There are several reasons
to bookmark or link to a special URI. I really hate it to come back some month later and get
totally different content (mostly without any information where to find the old content).
Hell, what do the webmasters think, why I am noting just this special docs page from that
special version? 

> OK, I see the reason, and vote +1 for changing the rewrite rule.

As already voted: -1 
Think of it as a veto, not only a vote.

There are severals ways to lead a visitor to the current docs version. I want us to use them
instead of going the easiest (and arrogant) way of breaking existing URIs.

> And I'd like to suggest adding ErrorDocument 404 /docs/ to that
> area so that people can know the current version, and check
> his httpd version, and continue reading the documentation.
> Thank you for replying me patiently. :-)
> ---
> Hiroaki Kawai
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