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From Matt Lewandowsky <>
Subject [PATCH] mod_isapi handler name change
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 14:11:00 GMT

Since 2.0.37, a "better" ISAPI handler name has been available for use 
with mod_isapi. I requested that the handler name be changed in the 
trunk mod_isapi documentation about 2 weeks ago. The change was 
committed as r413220.

Since that commit, I have realized that the documentation for core 
makes reference to the "old" handler name and that core.xml and 
mod_isapi.xml's localizations do as well. There was recently a flurry 
of activity on mod_isapi itself, so now is an appropriate time to give 
its docs some love. :)

Since the "new" name is available from 2.0.37 onward, I have completed 
the name change for trunk and backported to 2.2 and 2.0. I have also 
added compatibility notes regarding the handler names to mod_isapi.xml 
for 2.0, 2.2, and trunk.

Attached, please find patches for trunk, 2.2, and 2.0. The localization 
changes in these patches are solely handler name changes; the 
surrounding text was not modified. Also, since 2.0 requires a note 
about version availability, its mod_isapi.xml.ko remains unchanged. In 
mod_isapi.xml.ko for 2.2 and trunk, I simply replaced the handler name 
without adding mod_isapi.xml's note that isapi-isa is still valid until 
2.3. I feel that it is better to encourage people to use the "correct" 
way, even if it means that the compatibility note is lost for the time 
being. (Also, I doubt there were many users of 2.0.35 and mod_isapi, 
let alone Korean; and I'm sure most of those have long since upgraded 
to at least 2.0.39...)

One last thing: since core's documentation links the handler name to 
mod_isapi's documentation and doesn't mention the handler more than an 
example in passing, I did not include any compatibility notes there.


--Matt Lewandowsky

P.S. Historical sidenote: "isapi-isa" *is* a perfectly suitable name 
for the handler. Unfortunately, over time the Microsoft web server 
teams seem to have forgotten that it was once called ISAPI/ISA in IIS 
as well and eventually went ahead and named a web-related server "ISA". 
So, now Apache's using an old name which sounds even more "Microsoft-y" 
than just ISAPI alone. As far as I can tell, ISA was Process Software 
[the original progenitor of ISAPI]'s favored name at one point and was 
really just short for "ISAPI". Alas, since no one really cares about 
such historical sidenotes, "isapi-handler" is far more descriptive and 
memorable. Rest in peace, "isapi-isa".

  * Matt Lewandowsky
  * Random Geek
  * +1 (866) 606-9696   +44 (0) 844 484 8254

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