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From Matt Lewandowsky <>
Subject [PATCH] mod/mod_usertrack.xml
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 01:19:01 GMT
I was reviewing the mod_usertrack docs and a few things jumped out at 
me as "this should be corrected". So, I took it upon myself to do so 
and the patch is attached.


   - Note about "two-part top level domain" cookies (such as 
being invalid in most current browsers. As they fall into the "two-dot 
rule" of the Netscape cookie spec (, it may not be obvious 
to someone who tries to set such a cookie why it is failing.

   - A note that current browsers only fully support Netscape cookies. 
While most browsers will accept a RFC2109 cookie, they tend to get 
converted into a Netscape cookie internally, anyway. As browsers catch 
up to the RFCs, this will have to be revisited.

   - An update to the CookieTracking directive to be "more correct" now 
that the world has embraced DSOs...

It may be nothing earth-shaking, but it does make me feel a tiny bit 
better about mod_usertrack. :)



  * Matt Lewandowsky
  * Random Geek
  * +1 (866) 606-9696   +44 (0) 844 484 8254

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