Thanks William:
A little harsh from you to say that is an attempt to mislead/misrepresent.
Noticed that all the other translation projects have their own Web site ( - few of them actually down) and with an open heart I thought that it is a good thing to set up something similar for the Romanian Translation Project.
Happy Mother's Day

On 5/14/06, William A. Rowe, Jr. <> wrote:
ro so wrote:
> Hello to Everybody:
> I would like to set up a new Romanian Translation Project Web site at
> for Apache 2 branch (documentation and error
> messages).
> Please somebody let me know the procedure and requirements. Also, it
> would be great to get in touch with the other Romanian
> developers/translators at the Apache HTTPD Server Project.

This is actually the list to coordinate translations; in fact it's 90%
of the discussions that go on here.  Presuming you want the translations
included in the httpd docs, forking those isn't the way to get them

Patches are welcome here, a second independent reviewer is needed before
they will be committed. and similarly misleading/misrepresentative domain names will
win you no friends in this Foundation, FWIW.


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