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From "Vess A. Miller" <>
Subject mod_dav documentation error
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2006 18:02:05 GMT
This regards the documentation found at 
2.2/mod/mod_dav.html involving configuration for mod_dav, the WebDAV  
module for Apache 2.2.

The examples all fail to include the "Order" and "Allow from"  
directives that are necessary to connect to the WebDAV, at least in  
my tests.

For example, under the "Complex Configurations" section of the  
documentation, the example is:

Alias /phparea /home/gstein/php_files
Alias /php-source /home/gstein/php_files
<Location /php-source>
   DAV On
   ForceType text/plain

This sort of example fails to allow the dav directory to be browsed  
or connected to, because the directive is missing for Order  
allow,deny and Allow from All. With these directives added, webdav  
works as expected:

Alias /phparea /home/gstein/php_files
Alias /php-source /home/gstein/php_files
<Location /php-source>
   DAV On
   ForceType text/plain

   Order Allow,Deny  # Added to allow
   Allow from All          # webdav connections


Each example fails to include:
   Order Allow, Deny
   Allow from All

inside of the <Location> element.  Each example should include the  
Order and Allow from directives to work correctly.


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