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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: m4a and m4b mime types
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2006 22:33:10 GMT
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Erik Abele wrote:
> On 28.01.2006, at 19:45, André Malo wrote:
>> * Rich Bowen wrote:
>>> Rich Bowen wrote:
>>>> With the m4a and m4b file types coming into wider use for podcasting,
>>>> we need to add them to mime.types. However, when I attempted to do so,
>>>> my svn commit failed with a Forbidden. I assume, then, that there's
>>>> some other procedure for modifying that file that I don't know about.
>>>> Should I add them as an AddType directive in the default config, or can
>>>> someone tell me about the process for getting something into
>>>> mime.types?
>>> As usual, my svn problems (and my cvs problems before them) stem from
>>> ignorance rather than from actual problems. I had a http:// checkout
>>> rather than an https:// one.
>>> The other question remains, I suppose. Is it ok for me to tinker in the
>>> mime.types file, or is there some other process by which we obtain that
>>> file from the IANA or somebody?
>> As documented in mod_mime docs we have the policy to add only registered
>> types there.
> Yeah, please revert, Rich - the rule is to only add types registered at
> It's completely unfair to turn away 'feature requests' which intend to
> add unregistered types (see Bugzilla) and at the same time arbitrarily
> add unregistered types by ourselves; somewhere we have to draw the line
> and well, there it is...

It's unfortunate that our policy causes common file types to be
"unsupported", but I'll do as asked. I saw it listed on mozdev, and
thought that was a list of registered types. Apparently not.

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Rich Bowen
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