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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: just suscribed ...
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 22:47:54 GMT
Jean-François El Fouly wrote:
> Joshua Slive a écrit :
>> That's a totally unhelpful comment.  It seems almost designed to scare 
>> people away.  Do you want to provide contact info for how to obtain 
>> more information about all these other files?
>> Joshua.
> OK, the link is broken but for the referenced apache-docs.tar.gz
> - I have it
> - Vincent Deffontaines has it (it's his in the first place) and his 
> address is in the email I quoted from the MARC archive
> - Alain B has it
> and I don't attach it because
> - it's not mine
> - it's a hefty 1.8 Mb tar.gz archive with 791 files inside (not everyone 
> of them is a translation of course) and I would not want to fill 
> everybody's mailbox
> All files at the root of the documentation tree have been translated. 
> Half has not been reviewed neither committed and I guess that would be a 
> good starting point for anyone interested to contribute. /vhosts has 
> been reviewed and somewhat improved by Alain B and committed. 
> ./mod/core.xml (huge ! 125 kb) had been translated and hasn't been 
> reviewed nor committed. Plus a few other here and there.
> Anyone interested could get this archive from any of us.
> Besides, I don't want to scare anyone away. I told why I'm not working 
> on this at the moment. AFAIK, Vincent stopped translating because he 
> launched his own business. And Alain certainly gave up because the files 
> he sent to the ML on 4/10 were committed on 7/11 and only because the 
> three of us sent 5 or 6 mails meanwhile asking what was going wrong...

Thanks for your more constructive message.  So people wanting to 
review/translate can get in touch with you at least to see stuff that 
has already been done but not committed.

As far as delays in getting things comitted.  That is always a 
possibility in the open source world where everything is done by 
volunteers.  This list is generally quite good at picking up on 
contributions.  But submitters need to take responsibility for sending 
reminders every week or so if they don't see action.


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