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From Jean-François El Fouly <>
Subject Re: just suscribed ...
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 09:47:22 GMT
I do apologize / my mistake.
But they finally found their way in a place I was not expecting.
Basically, what was translated and reviewed at that time (april) was 2.0 
documentation on vhosts.
Still nothing there. But it seems it was committed in HEAD/trunk so it 
appears now in 2.2 documentation.
I don't think Vincent Deffontaines (who translated this in the first 
place) or Alain B (who reviewed and somewhat improved this material) are 
aware of this and I feel they both gave up.
(And there was a newborn baby at home meanwhile so I have no time or 
energy to devote to this task at the moment but I'm still interested and 
reading the mailing list.)
If someone is willing to translate documentation to French by now he/she 
should be aware that many many files have been translated by Vincent 
last year or even in 2003 and these just need a review to be committed - 
before beginning any new translation from scratch.

Astrid 'Kess' Keßler a écrit :

>On Wednesday 07 December 2005 22:25, Jean-François El Fouly wrote:
>>Astrid 'Kess' Keßler a écrit :
>>>Welcome to the httpd docs project :)
>>>There have been some effort month ago. But it's silent now from the french
>>>corner. So it seems, you are the only one at the moment.
>>It's silent now because quite a lot of files have been translated,
>>reviewed, submitted... and never committed. So the three persons
>>involved simply got discouraged and left.
>outch :/
>I've been absent from the docs project for some time and may have missed a 
>lot. I'll search the archives for thoses files. Or could you resend them? 
>Then I'll commit them. Better late then never.
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