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From "Chris and/or Diana Johns" <>
Subject Fw: 2.2 Announcement comma - Please no comma before 'and'
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 16:57:58 GMT
I understand 2,2 has now been released. Would this
be a good time to have a discussion ready for next time?

I understand that
1. the OUP (Oxford University Press) "comma before 'and'" is only prescribed
by them (in their written style sheet) for use in LISTS.
2. Harvard University Press also advocate the use of a comma before 'and' in
Presumably both these instances are for use at the end of a list containing
more than 2 items.

Noirin tells me that he knows OUP to have also USED a comma before 'and' in
contexts (he mentions clause-conjunctive 'and's but says this use is not
in their written style sheet.

Noirin and I had agreed not to bother the forum with our most recent,
private, communications between ourselves, but as this issue has again
reared its head, and apparently misleadingly, I apologise to Noirin and any
others for breaking the silence, so soon, with this email which is not
prompted in order to try and get imposed a style I have become accustomed to
but to try and put the record straight, as I understand it.

It appears to be not known amongst ourselves whether Harvard University
Press specify the use of a comma before 'and' in non-list contexts or not.
Nor whether they allow such use.

I have yet to be convinced that the use and no-use of a comma before 'and'
is just a matter of differing styles.
I'm grateful to Noirin for a train of thought that leads me think it at
least possible that it could be a matter of differing contexts.


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From: "Goddard Lee" <>
To: <"<>
Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 2:01 PM
Subject: RE: 2.2 Announcement comma - Please no comma before 'and'

As was pointed out before, this is a very old argument: it's the Oxford
comma to me, and I personally like it, but it is a matter of style. It can,
has been, and often is argued both ways.

I think the massive volume of debate available on this matter indicates that
someone needs to impose an executive decision, and not worry too much about
their explanation...

- An Innocent By-stander

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