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From Noirin Plunkett <>
Subject 2.2 Announcement
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 19:50:31 GMT
Just a few tiny suggestions for the 2.2 announcement, found at

>We consider this release to be the best version of Apache available and
>encourage users of all prior versions to upgrade.

For consistency with the Harvard commas elsewhere in the file, there 
should be a comma after available.

>This release includes the Apache Portable Runtime library suite release
>version 1.2.2, bundled with the tar and zip distributions.  These
>libraries; libapr, libaprutil, and on Win32, libapriconv must all be
>updated to ensure binary compatibility and address many known platform

For readability, I'd suggest changing 'These libraries;' to simply 'The
libraries'. I'd also like a comma between suite and release, but I'm not
sure if that's appropriate.

>When upgrading or installing this version of Apache, please keep in
>mind the following:  If you intend to use Apache with one of the threaded
>MPMs, you must ensure that the modules (and the libraries they depend on) you
>will be using are thread-safe. 

Personally, I'd change 'the following:' to 'that', but I like simple
writing - it makes both reading and translating easier! In any case,
I don't think there should be a capital after a colon.

I also think rewording 'you must ensure that the modules (and the
libraries they depend on) you will be using' to 'you must ensure that
the modules you will be using (and the libraries they depend on)' makes
things clearer.

Finally, while double-spaces after a colon/full stop are common on a
typewriter, I tend to think they're best left out in the digital era.
Just a style thing, feel free to ignore/correct me.


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