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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Add a module doc for : mod_eaccess
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 12:59:34 GMT
Hash: SHA1

Rapsys|Phoenix wrote:
> Rich Bowen a écrit :
>> Rapsys|Phoenix wrote:
>>> I noticed that lot of module doc are unavaible on website on this
>>> location for example :
>>> I found the corresponding doc here :
>>> Could it be added to website to not searching a lot with google (10min
>>> for this module)
>> We do not, and in our opinion should not, provide documentation for
>> third-party modules - ie, those modules that do not come bundled with
>> the Apache web server. mod_eaccess is a third-party module, and, as
>> such, is not something that we are able or willing to document.
>> There are hundreds of third-party modules. Having their documentation on
>> the Apache site would be misleading, as it would imply 1) that it comes
>> with Apache and 2) that Apache is responsible for their maintenance.
> Then is it possible to put them as third party and just redirect this
> adress on a third-party module link webpage ?
> (maybe a wiki or something like this)
> It would avoid people to search averywhere on the net...

That's at
It's not possible for us to list all third party modules, for the simple
reason that we're not aware of them all. I'd never heard of mod_eaccess
until this morning. lets people register their own
modules, and, as such, is pretty much as authoritative as we're able to
make it.

- --Rich
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