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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Auto-docs rewrite
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2005 17:43:14 GMT
At 02:50 AM 7/22/2005, Rich Bowen wrote:
>Hash: SHA1
>>> So
>>> Where would it go? 1.3? 2.0? 2.1? 2.2? Just the latest stable?
>>> If we get a consensus on this I have no problem with that stuff in
>>> general.
>> I'd say 'latest stable' (2.0 at the moment).
>Yes. Latest stable.
>> How do we expect people to find out about the existence of this feature?
>>  We could really use an improved /docs-project/ page to give better info
>> about the docs.
>I'm not sure how I found out about the autodoc function. It's
>just something that "everybody knows". So, yes, we should advertise it,
>and I think knowledge of it will gradually spread.
>> I'd also probably recommend using or
>> even  to avoid namespace conflicts
>> and extra filesystem checks that are needed if we overlap with the main
>> website.
>Well ... I'm really not terribly thrilled about that. The goal is to
>make the URLs as simple as possible. I know this is repetitive, but what
>I'm trying to emulate is the fact that I can just type ""
>in my browser and get the docs for that function. It makes it amazingly
>fast and easy to get documentation when I'm working. I want Apache to be
>that easy. I'm much more interested in the user's ease of use than
>having the "right" url structure.

To disambiguate these requests, would you consider...

or something that doesn't imply that it's part of the normal content,
and something we can remove from robots?  (They will harvest these
anyways as part of crawling the true docs set.)


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