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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Auto-docs rewrite
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 16:53:31 GMT

André Malo wrote:
> * Rich Bowen wrote:
>> Rich Bowen wrote:
>>> While we're on the topic of docs URLs, I've got a feature that I'd like
>>> to have on the docs site. I've got it already at
>>> and it's like the auto-docs URLs.
>>> goes to the documentation for that
>>> function. Likewise, goes to
>>> the docs for AllowOverride, and likewise for every configuration
>>> directive.
>>> I'm doing this with a simple RewriteMap directive. I'd like to have
>>> this same functionality on
> So
> Where would it go? 1.3? 2.0? 2.1? 2.2? Just the latest stable?
> If we get a consensus on this I have no problem with that stuff in general.

I'd say 'latest stable' (2.0 at the moment).

How do we expect people to find out about the existence of this feature? 
  We could really use an improved /docs-project/ page to give better 
info about the docs.

I'd also probably recommend using or 
even  to avoid namespace conflicts 
and extra filesystem checks that are needed if we overlap with the main 

Overall, looks cool to me.


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