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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Moving Docs URLs
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 17:48:36 GMT
Erik Abele wrote:
>> The point of the cgi script is to provide not a redirect, but  another 
>> page
>> (with status 300 so far), which points to all the different versions.
> Yeah, as Paul noted for /docs/ - but what's about /docs-2.(0|1)/ -  same 
> CGI script? Fine.

 >> People can update their bookmarks accordingly.

Ugh.  Please just send the 2.x stuff directly where it belongs.  There 
is certainly no ambiguity there that needs resolving.

I'm also -0.666 on the whole CGI script idea.  I love stable URLs.  I 
hate people making me go through all my pages to change links just 
because they wanted prettier-looking URLs.  Do you realize how many 
thousands of links we are talking about?  And note also that this will 
completely mess up any links with anchors (mod/core.html#AccessFilename).

I would much prefer a permanent redirect for all three.  If you really 
believe that many people are unintentionally winding up in the 1.3 docs 
when they want to be in the 2.0 docs, then add a message to the top of 
the 1.3 docs pages.


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