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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject Re: Moving Docs URLs
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 19:13:56 GMT
> Joshua Slive wrote:
> Erik Abele wrote:
>>> The point of the cgi script is to provide not a redirect, but  another
>>> page
>>> (with status 300 so far), which points to all the different versions.
>> Yeah, as Paul noted for /docs/ - but what's about /docs-2.(0|1)/ -  same
>> CGI script? Fine.

 >>> People can update their bookmarks accordingly.

> Ugh.  Please just send the 2.x stuff directly where it belongs.  There
> is certainly no ambiguity there that needs resolving.

> I'm also -0.666 on the whole CGI script idea.  I love stable URLs.  I 
> hate people making me go through all my pages to change links just 
> because they wanted prettier-looking URLs.  Do you realize how many 
> thousands of links we are talking about?  And note also that this will
> completely mess up any links with anchors (mod/core.html#AccessFilename).

> I would much prefer a permanent redirect for all three.  If you really
> believe that many people are unintentionally winding up in the 1.3 docs
> when they want to be in the 2.0 docs, then add a message to the top of
> the 1.3 docs pages.

Not sure, but didn't we had a similar discussion some time ago? I can't
find it now. :/

Like Joshua I am against changing the URLs. We have docs-2.0 and docs-2.1
they are really fine. No need to change them.

I'm a litte bit unhappy only with 1.3 and could live with a change to
docs-1.3. This would fit the namespace and would give us the possibility
to add some extra information at /docs. We do not need a script to lead
the people to the new urls. httpd itself can do this.

The only advantage, a CGI-script would have, is that it could do some
search over all doc versions and offer choices. I think, this is
something, google (or some other search engine) can do as well. Let's
use the existing resources.


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