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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: Modifying the website:
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 17:50:21 GMT
On 15.06.2005, at 18:35, jean-frederic clere wrote:

> Hi,
> I have arranged a small thing in xdocs/dev/index.xml and I am  
> trying to get it to the website.
> What should I do? Guessing gives the following:
> "ant" in my local repos.

That would be ./ instead of ant. See also http:// for further details.

> "svn commit ." to commit the corresponding changed html file(s).

Maybe do a 'svn diff' before that to review all your changes...

> Connect to
> "cd /www/"
> "svn update ."

Make sure that you have a safe umask, e.g. 002, before doing the  
update - there is some more info here: 

> Wait sometime to get the changes in

Yes, this will need around 4 hours to be synced to the live box.


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