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From Hiroaki KAWAI <>
Subject Re: typo mod_alias.xml.ja
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 09:38:08 GMT
- <> wrote:
> > Thank you. Committed. :)
> > > Index: mod_alias.xml.ja
> Do I also have to submit patch of transformed html?
> I can't found document about 2.x docs.

No. I think you don't have to transform and submit it 
to this mailing list, because we usually edit only the 
*.xml.* files and build-system files.

Transforming to html would be taken place in some proper 
timing by someone.
# I expect Andre will handle it. ;)

> I have cygwin environment, can build using make,
> but I don't have ant environment.
> there's no plan,either. because I dislike building using JAVA. :-p

I don't care it use Java or not. But, I remember there's a 
problem that different versions of Java will generate different 
HTMLs because of the changes of charset codec implementations. 
If different committer submit their transformation to the 
repository, a large diff will be flushed. 
I don't like reading long long diff in the svn commit log. 
# So I expect Andre will handle it now. ;p
# Or, someone (including me) who has a compatible build system.

---Hiroaki Kawai
Applied Research and Technology Division, 
Technology Department, 
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

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