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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: small howto in german for debian...for non professional use
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2005 17:13:53 GMT
On 05.03.2005, at 12:11, --- wrote:

> hi,
> I've done a small howto for debian (installing and configuration)
> for private users to get apache run quickly.
> This HowTo is in attachement.
> Please proof it and decide whether you can use it on your 
> documentation-site or not.
> Please give me response.

While I really appreciate any effort to come up with new documentations 
I'm also srongly -1 on this one. Some points to consider:

	* language/style
		IMHO the language style used (I do not mean DE/EN/...) should be 
consistent with the exisiting docs;
		I don't think this is the case with the submitted one.

	* format
		I guess everyone here would appreciate a somewhat formatted version, 
e.g. XML

	* content
		- quality: IMHO the quality should be comparable to the existing 
docs; in this case
		  it's just a rough and dirty overview of a basic Apache installation 
and furthermore
		  one can easily spot some obvious 'mistakes'
		- very OS-specific: I'd like to see such content hosted at the OS 
vendor's site and not
		  at our site - I'm aware of /docs-xx/platform/... and the docs there 
are fine but I don't
		  think we should extend this to different Linux distros, 
installation methods etc.

	* submitted anonymously: oh well, do we have any (legal) issues with 
anonymous contributions?

Just my 2 cents...


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