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From alain B <>
Subject Re: httpd 2.0 documentation French translation ?
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 22:22:04 GMT
André Malo a écrit :
> Well, I also recommend the transformation page: 
> <>. It describes how to 
> work with our docs build system (2.1 and 2.0). Basically you need the build 
> tools, java and perl.
> Further note, that the build tools try to check if a translation is 
> outdated. To make this possible, you need to add a comment to your 
> translation, where you note, what subversion revision your translation is 
> based on. All translations have such a comment on the top (<!-- English 
> Revision: xxxx --> or <!-- English Revision xxxx:yyyy (outdated) -->), so 
> just have a look at, say manual/ :) These comments are useful 
> for you (the translator), because you can just go into the directory and 
> diff the English version, to see what was changed, like:
> svn diff -r xxxx:yyyy englishfile.xml
> Don't worry, once set up correctly, it should be quite easy to work with.
> nd
So, after getting the SVN content, i test the build tool with success 
and i think have understand how it works.

With that build system, do i play with files directly in the SVN folder? 
It seems to recreate * files (and some other meta) and not to 
affect the xml's one.

When some of Vincent Deffontaines's files will be reviewed, i noticed 
that i just put them on this mailinglist. Can you confirm that only files, not the one, are required?

--Alain B

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