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From André Malo>
Subject Re: translation issues
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 17:24:24 GMT
* Илья Солдатенко wrote:

> As I can see contains
> full Apache distributive.
> But what should I checkout if I want to translate:
> 1) httpd-docs-2.0
> 2) httpd-docs-2.1 for 2.1 and for 2.0.

> And one more question. All documents that were translated into Russian up
> to this moment now contains such line:
> <This translation may be out of date. Check the English version for
> recent changes>
> What should I do to remove it? (Is it possible at all? - or may be this
> line is mandatory)

This line occurs if the english revision, which the translation refers to 
was modified. You can have it in Russian by translating the text in 
style/lang/ru.xml. However, here's an example how to work with it: 
contains the comment

<!-- English Revision: 97974:106849 (outdated) -->

on the top. This means, the English revision you've used while translating 
is 97974 and the current one (of the English) is 106849. To get the 
differences between these two revisions, cd into the manual directory and 

svn diff -r 97974:106849 install.xml

When you've applied the differences to the translation, change the comment 
on the top to:

<!-- English Revision: 106849 -->

and rebuild the docs.
Oh... the build tools are now in, so to get them, 
change into the manual directory and just check them out:

svn co build

Welcome back :-)

"Solides und umfangreiches Buch"
                                          -- aus einer Rezension


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