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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Response to Apache Documentation in ThoutReader thread
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2005 19:22:28 GMT
* Mark D. Carey wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions. I sent my previous message out to the small
> mailing list because some responses back to me were direct and some were
> copied to the docs@http mailing list. This is an open discussion and I am
> copying the mailing list.
> You are correct. We are using a combination of Perl scripts with XSL to
> process the HTML output from your XSL. Before we upload this to our
> server for your review, allow us to refine the Perl scripts to COMPLETELY
> automate the process for you. To generate the output, you would only have
> to point the Perl script to your HTML directory and push a button. This
> will result in a compressed archive (.jar file) that can be read by the
> ThoutReader.
> Give me a week to complete this.


I'd prefer to process the xml directly, because the html may change and the 
xml contains the semantics. Further, I'm quite sure, that we won't use that 
perl script directly (but depends on its complexity ;-) and there may be 
licensing problems, we cannot distribute GPL licensed code), so don't take 
too much time on this. But it may be helpful to look, how the contents of 
the jar file is generated (is there a spec somewhere tom compare with?). If 
the thout format is text based, we can use xslt only for generation. 
zipping the jar can be done by ant.

I'm willing to investigate some time to help to integrate the stuff in our 
build system.

Das, was ich nicht kenne, spielt stückzahlmäßig *keine* Rolle.

                                   -- Helmut Schellong in dclc

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