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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: How out of date is misc/rewriteguide.xml?
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 12:07:30 GMT
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Yoshiki Hayashi wrote:
| I started translating some stuff under misc and I noticed
| it's way out of date.  For example, there's "Moved
| DocumentRoot" example in
| The example configuration is
| RewriteEngine on
| RewriteRule   ^/$  /e/www/  [R]
| and it even goes to say it cannot be done by mod_alias
| because all mod_alias con do is prefix matching.  But
| mod_alias can do more than mere prefix matching and even
| with my limited mod_rewrite and mod_alias knowledge, I know
| it is equivalent to
| RedirectMatch ^/$ /e/www/
| After glancing through the whole document, I'm ++1 to Rich's
| idea to write our rewrite cookbook (actually, I prefer more
| general url mapping cookbook.  mod_alias is powerful enough
| unless you really need to use black magic).
| In the meantime, I'm tempted to rip things that can also be
| handled by mod_alias off of rewriteguide and use it as seeds
| to populate urlmappingguide or whatever the new name of that
| document.  I'm not very comfortable that we are knowingly
| recommending the use of mod_rewrite where mod_alias is
| sufficient.  Opinions?

Well, I'm obviously in favor of this. It's one of those things that has
been on the "we should really do this" list for a while. What is holding
it back is, I think, that it's such a big topic. I started my wiki
( as an attempt to categorize some of the things
that I thought the doc should talk about. But, you'll notice, the
"beginner" section is completely empty.

Also, almost all of the stuff in the existing rewrite guide is really
good stuff. There are a few things which are outdated and should go
away. And a few things are so complicated that most people just skim
past them on their way to the things that they understand. So
reorganization is at least as important as new content.

Perhaps a conversation of exactly what we want to do would be useful,
and then we can have a little division of labor and actually get it done
before yet another year passes on this conversation.

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