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From Eduardo Tompson Pereira <>
Subject Re: Translation to Portuguese
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 13:16:38 GMT

 >* Eduardo Tompson Pereira wrote:
>> By the way, portuguese-BR.
>> I've been looking over install.html. Is there any problem?
>> I have other things to ask about language definitions.
>> I wonder if there was anyone working now on pt-BR translation, who speaks
>> portuguese, whom I may dicuss with?
 >Luiz Rocha started some time ago with pt-br (for 2.0), but it seems, he
 >deferred it for now:
 >You might want to contact him, iirc he had made a lot of work already,
 >which just wasn't reviewed. (We require the review of at least one
 >another fluent speaker).
 >I'd suggest to translate the 2.x docs, because they are better
 >maintained and way more consistent. That means, you'd work with xml
 >files and a transformation system based on java.
 >For *how* to submit your translations see this page:
 >If you decide to translate 2.x, you need to start with the base file >-=20
 >manual/style/lang/pt-br.xml, which is a translated version of en.xml in
 >the same directory. This file is required for the whole pt-br
 >documentation build process.
 >This was just a very short overview and you proabably *will* have
 >questions regarding the build system and the whole procedure at all.
 >Don't hesitate to ask here if you don't understand something.

André, about the need of another fluent speaker to review the 
translations, how can I have these documents, Luiz has already translated?

Is it worth translating anything, since there are no pt-BR working on it 

I've tried Luiz Rochas page and it says that he deferred because he had 
lack of time and maybe on 2005 he would be back. When did he start 
contributing? I've contacted him, I hope he replies.


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