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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject [STATUS] (httpd-docs-2.0) Wed Dec 1 23:46:32 EST 2004
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 04:46:33 GMT
Apache HTTP Server 2.1 Documentation Status File.
Last modified: $Date: 2004/09/05 05:01:40 $

For more information on how to contribute to the Apache Documentation
Project, please see


Decisions pending

Things That Need Fixing

- Windows platform docs are in desperate need of rewrites/updates for 2.0.
    - Bill Rowe and Bill Stoddard are good contacts for tech questions.
    - "using apache" has been done, "compiling apache" is still open
    - hints on uninstalling apache (exit monitor, close directories,
      registry entries etc) (PR 10154)
    - FAQ: UTF-8 config and URL encoding for non-ascii characters.
    - FAQ: AcceptEx failed / virusscanner, firewall fun

- New Auth system
    - Much clean-up and enhancement of aaa howto
    - Independent note on how to upgrade to new auth system

- modules docs
    - mod_suexec: very little documentation
    - mod_rewrite: explain, when which variables are actually available
      (PR 16402)
- MPM documentation
     - explain what the following command line options do
       (perhaps in the developer/debugging docs):
        -D DEBUG
        -D ONE_PROCESS
              one-process-mode == no threads, i.e. only one
              process handling the requests in a single loop?
        -D NO_DETACH (not in every MPM avail.)
              no daemon, but detached from terminal?
        -D FOREGROUND (not in every MPM avail.)

- Individual docs will need some cleanup. 
     - misc/perf-tuning.html - needs major rewrite for 2.0
     - misc/rewriteguide.html - needs cleaning in 1.3 and 2.0
     - platform/ebcdic.xml - needs major rework for 2.0

- API documentation
    - Ben Laurie has written some hooks documentation
    - authn provider API documentation could be useful

- SSL docs need serious update and enhancement
    - compat docs are wrong
    - no basic how to setup ssl doc
    mads said he was working on this, but...

- How does <Proxy> fit into sections.html?

Documentation improvements

* Missing documentation for the support programs htdbm and checkgid

* New user docs: Directory Handling (mod_dir/mod_autoindex/etc)

* Enhancements to the DTD/XSL:
  - <glossary> tag that links to the glossary and uses some special 
    style in the css.
  - New index: directives by context, including listing which directives
    are available for each AllowOverride setting.
  - New index: backout modules by type (aaa, mappers, loggers etc.)
    probably by introducing a <category> element in modulesynopsis
  - Use a tag like <var> in place of <em> for things like the 
    <syntax> listing.
    - in progress
  - add letter links to glossary and quickreference, 
    perhaps also a term overview (sidebar)
  - remove <pre> elements. Use <br /> and <indent> elements to get
    a similar effect.

* Improving the documentation of the documentations' build system
  itself (requirements, procedures)

* Improving the "security docs"
  - More content and better organisation
  - mod_dav ressources are owned by the httpd

* Making site-specific enhancements easier, including a documented
  and robust way for 3P module docco to be added -- and have it
  survive a server docco upgrade

  - This could be something a simple and hackish as a manual/extra/
    directory (a la the 1.3 src/modules/extra/ directory) and a
    script in the support directory that scans the files there and
    updates the manual indices.  (We do something like that now for
    httpd.conf file with apxs [LoadModule, etc.].)

* Provide example solutions for the mapping of encodings, especially
  for .gz etc. (also in regard to our default configuration)

* Several features in Apache require write-access to the filesystem.
    Examples: CacheRoot, DavLockDB, ScriptLog
    We should treat the things consistently in the docs, and perhaps
    suggest the use of directory like /usr/local/apache2/var/ that is

* Change the name 'Apache' to 'Apache HTTP Server' or 'http'.

LaTeX Todo list

- Dozens of other little problems with presentation, cross-referencing,

- Cleanup xsl to make it more readable.  Almost everything
  that is currently in latex.xsl should probably be moved to common.xsl.
  There may be a license problem with the atbeginend.sty file, since
  latex style files rarely have explict licenses.  At worst, we can
  drop this and manually adjust the relevant spacing.

- Reduce the size of the pdf (both bytes and pages) in any way possible.

- Translations.

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