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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject Re: <program> tag a la <module> tag?
Date Sat, 27 Nov 2004 21:44:56 GMT
> While I don't know how to do this, I think it'd be nice if we had a tag that
> acted similarly to <module> for programs.  For example
> <program>htcacheclean</program> would act similarly to
> <module>mod_cache</module>.

There are some examples within the docs where we use <code><a
...>httpd</a></code> for links to httpd, apxs, ab, rotatelog, etc.

I'm not sure whether we need a <program> tag.
<module> indicates a special case of link. It is a shortcut for <a
href=".../moduledir/..." class="module">. What would <program> indicate?
Are all program documentations saved in the same directory (tree)? Do we
want to use a special layout for those links? What is your intention?

> I don't profess to know what it'd take to do this, but it'd be nice.  If it's
> too much, feel free to ignore me.  =)  -- justin

It's not very much effort to add a <program> element. The biggest work
would be, to change all existing programm links. :)


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