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From Yoshiki Hayashi <>
Subject Web site translation
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 02:44:32 GMT
More than a year after I proposed web site translation, I
finally sat down for a while and did necessary coding to add
translation support.

The demo is available at
Note that only index.html at top level is translated into
Japanese.  Also note that links at the left side menu are
broken because of the way transformation is done.  You can
type in the relative portion of some of the URLs there.

Now my questions are:

  Does anyone object to the direction we are going? i.e.,
  having translation of web site at all?

  Now that we have true version control software, I think
  the way to go is to create a branch like Paul did.
  I'm going to create
  unless someone objects.
  Is there any policy on how to create and use branch?

  I extended Anakia to do some new things like providing
  context to get available languages and getting the
  destination filename.  I'd like to put the source code
  somewhere in Subversion repository.  Where shoud I put it? looks like a
  good candidate to me.

The modifed httpd-site can be found at for now if you are

Yoshiki Hayashi

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