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From Yoshiki Hayashi <>
Subject Re: elements <glossary> and <phonetic>
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:00:10 GMT
Hiroaki KAWAI <> writes:

> Anothoer point that came up to my mind is, how far should we translate 
> the glossary index words. Refering the example, phonetic elements are 
> to help only the words that are not familiar with newbie. This is 
> reasonable. The point is, the indexes are localized ones. 

Well, the intent of kess was pretty clear to me but you
probably need a little bit of German knowledge to understand
it.  If you look at kess's example, the only place phonetic
elements are uesd are English word in German which is
pronounced as English word.  I don't think those will be
added to English documents although I don't object if
someone did.  In German, getting the pronunciation of words
are straightforward because they follow the simple rule.
But some exceptions are made for words imported from
English, e.g. Baseball, which are pronounced like English
words and do not follow the pronunciation rule.  So I
believe kess wanted to clarify when technical terms are
pronounced as English in German to avoid confusion of how to
pronounce the words correctly.  (I feel a little bit odd
that I, Japanese, is explaining German to another Japanese
in English on mailing list where lots of German people are
reading. :-)

> So, if we, Japanese staff, translate this glossary page into 
> Japanese, how should we treat the phonetic elements?
> I think we should use 'katakana' for translated Japanese words, 
> phonetic symbols for English words that still does not have a 
> corresponding translations. Any ideas, yoshiki?

I don't think we need phonetic elements in Japanese
translation at all so we just drop it if those are there.
It's almost always pretty clear how to pronounce Japanese
words.  In cases where we use English words as is in
Japanese, we can use IPA phonetic elements just like German
does.  We can also leave it without phonetic symbols because
similar pronunciation confusion is very unlikely in
Japanese.  We can do whatever we want but I just don't see
there will be any problem with phonetic elements.

Yoshiki Hayashi

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