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From Hiroaki KAWAI <>
Subject Re: elements <glossary> and <phonetic>
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 06:46:55 GMT
> > I think we should use 'katakana' for translated Japanese words, 
> > phonetic symbols for English words that still does not have a 
> > corresponding translations. Any ideas, yoshiki?
> > We shall need a consensus on this point. ;-)
> > # Japanese are very falimiar with phonetic symbols of English words.
> If use katakana in Japanese docs, I prefer to use <ruby> element instead
> of <span title="XX>.

Nice. :-)
But the generated HTML files are in XHTML 1.0 strict DTD manner now. 
Ruby elements are introduced to HTML in XHTML1.1.
Changes between XHTML1.0 and XHTML1.1 seems to be small, so I'd like to
propose moving to XHTML1.1. 

Any suggestions?


---Hiroaki Kawai

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