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Subject Re: elements <glossary> and <phonetic>
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 14:50:49 GMT

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 21:11:21 +0900 
Hiroaki KAWAI <> wrote 
by EdMax Ver2.85.5F :
elements <glossary> and <phonetic> への返信です

> > > for <phonetic> as I can't view correctly with IE on Windows, because
> > > lack of phonetic fonts. I think large part of the users don't have 
> > > phonetic fonts in the system. 
> > I'd guess, a large part of the users don't even have Japanese fonts on their
> > system ;-).

try(I didn't try because my firefox can print then correctly.)

> Anothoer point that came up to my mind is, how far should we translate 
> the glossary index words. Refering the example, phonetic elements are 
> to help only the words that are not familiar with newbie. This is 
> reasonable. The point is, the indexes are localized ones. 
> So, if we, Japanese staff, translate this glossary page into 
> Japanese, how should we treat the phonetic elements?
> I think we should use 'katakana' for translated Japanese words, 
> phonetic symbols for English words that still does not have a 
> corresponding translations. Any ideas, yoshiki?
> We shall need a consensus on this point. ;-)
> # Japanese are very falimiar with phonetic symbols of English words.

If use katakana in Japanese docs, I prefer to use <ruby> element instead
of <span title="XX>.

Nobuyuki Morita

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