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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Documentation URLs
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 20:15:09 GMT
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As we hope, maybe, some day soon, to move into the 2.2 branch, and then,
some day, 2.4, and so on, we're going to continue to face the challenge
of what the URLs for the documentation should be. Having docs-2.0,
docs-2.2, docs-2.4, etc, is sucky and not scalable.

It seems that each time we discuss this, the discussion doesn't reach
any real conclusions. Or at least, I haven't seen any yet. If I missed
something, feel free to point me at the archives. I just kinda feel that
we need to figure out something in advance, rather than being reactive
when the time comes.

How about ...

/docs-stable/  -- Current released version (2.0 now)
/docs-dev/     -- Current development version (2.1 now)j

And, maybe
/docs-legacy/  -- Recently supplanted version.
Maybe. But I'm not sure if/why we need that.

I suspect that /docs/ will forever point at the 1.3 docs, and that would
be unfortunate. It would be very nice (imho) if we could all just say
backward compatibility be damned, point /docs/ at the 2.current docs,
and put in a ErrorDocument 404 for those URLs that don't have an
equivalent doc in the current documentation. Then /docs-1.3/ could point
to the 1.3 docs for all time, and the rest of the documentation can move

I don't know what CVS/SVN magic would be necessary to make this happen,
but I do know that maintaining 3 versions of the docs is plenty painful
enough, and I'm not anxious for it to get worse with each rev of the


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