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From André Malo>
Subject Shorten the default config and the distribution (was: IfModule in the Default Config)
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 06:14:02 GMT
* Paul Querna <> wrote:

> A couple months the IfModule block was modified so that it can use
> foo_module instead of the Source File name (ie foo.c).
> I believe that using the ${name}_module syntax is clearer than using the
> source file name.  I would like to encourage using this newer syntax in
> the 2.2 Stable Cycle.  
> Currently PHP users must use:
>  <IfModule sapi_apache2.c>
> Using the Source File name seems completely non-intuitive to me.  
> In 2.1 they can use:
> <IfModule php5_module>
> This seems more logical to me.
> I would like to change the default to use this syntax
> instead of the source file name.
> Anyone (+|-)1 for it?

I'm rather for removing the whole crap from the default config and simplifiy
as much as possible.

A >30 KB default config, which nobody outside this circle here
really understands, isn't helpful - especially for beginners.

In the same cycle we could remove the docs from the default distribution and
start distributing them officially as separate packages. (But we could
distribute a separate config snippet for the multilingual docs, which can
be included in the httpd.conf). The more translations we add, the less
applicable is it to include the whole doc tree.


(Otherwise, I'm +1 for your suggestion ;-)

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