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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject Re: Documentation URLs
Date Sat, 25 Sep 2004 09:07:30 GMT
> I'd like to see more of a concrete statement of what problem we are trying
> to solve.  If it is just a question of ugly urls, I don't think it is
> worth solving.

Ough. Well, I'll try to make it more clear:

Nothing is ugly. /docs is - not in the past, but now and in future -
simply wrong. People are thinking simple. Most of them expect to find
the documentation of the current stable release when going to /docs. Or
to find an overview about the available versions. They do not expect to
find an old (some day really outdated) version.

People are trying simple URLs or they are searching with simple words.
In most cases they are coming to /docs, expecting the documentation of
the current stable version, which is 2.0 at the moment and will be 2.2,
2.4 and so on in future. But what do they find? They find 1.3.
So what do they think?

  They may realize, it's an older version and search for the new one.
So they have additional effort, finding the corresponding documentation
they want. We are able to minimize this effort by offering an overview
about available versions at /docs.

  They may realize, it's an older version and think "Stupid Apache
developers. Their docs are completely outdated. If their docs reflect
their coding, I better do not use it."
Ok, this is exaggerated. But some people may get such a feeling.

  They may realize, /docs is containing version 1.3 and will think, this
is the recommended version. They may feel, that we do not trust our own
newer Versions.

  Or they do not realize, it's an older version and try to configure
their sever by using the wrong documentation. After some time they will
grumble, that the docs are wrong.

At all, I think, we do not win much by keeping /docs pointing to 1.3.
We better offer an overview page at /docs and, for backwards
compatibility, link to the new URI generated from the request line.
We should have done the move much earlier, but have not. So we should
do it now. The longer we wait, the harder will it be.


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