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From Yoshiki Hayashi <>
Subject Re: Japanese transformation is not stable
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 07:50:21 GMT
André Malo <> writes:

> Hmm. It still happens, that different JREs (?) produce different iso-2022-jp
> output (i.e. any time someone builds all and diffs, he gets .ja.jis diffs.

Well, at least mine removes bogus escape sequences and
produce more desirable output but yeah, it still happens.

> I'd suggest to switch the transformation finally to shift_jis, which is more
> stable (because there are none of these problematic escape sequences).

I'd rather use euc-jp than shift_jis.  For one thing,
shift_jis is a nightmare for auto detection since almost all
byte sequence can represent a valid character.  If I choose
from three major character encoding scheme in Japan, I
always choose euc-jp.  It doesn't have quirks sjis has.  The
fact that current one uses iso-2022-jp is just from legacy

> If we decide to switch the charset then we also need to decide, whether we
> want to move the files in CVS (ja.jis to ja.sjis) or just change to charset
> configuration for the docs directories. I'd prefer the latter. But for
> backwards compat reasons we may need to move the files.

I prefer moving files and add redirection magic to make old
directly pointing URLs to work.  It doesn't look right to
get euc-jp or shift_jis file from .ja.jis ending URL.

Yoshiki Hayashi

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