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From Yoshiki Hayashi <>
Subject Re: Japanese transformation is not stable
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 06:28:01 GMT
André Malo <> writes:

>> Last few months, I've encountered some bugs of the implementation of 
>> iso-2022-jp charset converter of Sun JRE, but the converter will be soon 
>> stable I think. 

Well, I have a reason to believe it will never be their top
priority to fix those bugs.

> The second, though not so important reason is, that I'm currently working on
> restructuring the docs to create a better platform for translators which
> includes rewriting the styles and the build tools. I'm using the result diffs
> to check if something went wrong.

It would be nice if you could add a target which takes an
XML file as an argument and transforms only that file.

> Ok. That's reason why I've asked. I've had shift_jis in my mind, since we're
> currently recoding to shift_jis for the CHM files, because the html help
> compiler seems to support only this charset for Japanese. If euc-jp is better
> for the online pages, we should use it.

Japanese Windows defaults to shift_jis.  I don't think any
software beside MUA and web browser support other character
encoding scheme.  I don't know how well Windows supports
UTF-8 nowadays.

> Just to make clear: that this doesn't affect the *source* encoding. Keep it as
> you like.

I thought a little bit about shift_jis's advantage of
directly editable by whatever editor on Windows but soon I
realized it is only for transformed files. ;-)

Yoshiki Hayashi

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