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From Hiroaki KAWAI <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual urlmapping.xml.ja
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 08:38:18 GMT
Totally new translations should be reviewed once, 
as was somethimes mentioned on this list, "review then commit." 
IMHO, the modification or update of the translation may 
be allowed in "commit then review" order. 

And, actually, it is difficult to have every translation 
updates be reviewed with our limited resource. :-(

Yoshiki Hayashi <> wrote:
> Joshua Slive <> writes:
> > Just a reminder: all translations should include a "reviewed by" comment 
> > in the commit message so that we know that it was properly reviewed.
> Can we be a little bit lax about translations especially
> when there are more than one committers?  When I was the
> only committer of Japanese translation, I made sure all
> files are reviewed before committed.  That included my own
> translation.  Since nobody helped reviewing my translation,
> I usually reviewed my translation after a week or so.  That
> process was good to ensure the quality of the translation,
> it was also quite a burden.  Sometimes multiple revisions is
> made to the English document that means the translated files
> will not be committed to the repository for a while.
> I believe the changes as small as this are OK to be in CTR
> rather than RTC and is actually better that way.
> Furthermore, these changes are made to 2.1 branch instead of
> 2.0.  There's plenty of time for these change to be reviewed
> before going into production.  So I hope we can apply CTR to
> translation in 2.1 when there are multiple committers to the
> language.
> -- 
> Yoshiki Hayashi
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---Hiroaki Kawai

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