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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0 Documentation
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 20:03:24 GMT
On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Andrius T. Benokraitis wrote:

> Greetings Apache Documentation Group!
> I didn't know if there was a lead Documentation person for Apache, so I'm 
> sending a requst to all that I could find. :-) Please don't hesitate to 
> forward to others if need be!

It is basically against Apache traditions to have group "leads".  We work 
collectively.  Hence the best place to address the documentation group is 
at (copied now).

> I have two questions:
> 1. I am updating our documentation between RHEL3 (httpd-2.0.46) and RHEL4 
> (httpd-2.0.49?) and would like to know if there were any major httpd.conf or 
> module changes between these two releases.

The best way to find these are in the CHANGES file and in cvs:

In general, I don't think there have been a ton of user-visible changes 
inbetween these version.  But there have been some pretty substantial bug 

> 2. What is the future of http-2.1? I see there is already a placeholder for 
> 2.1-docs. Is there a link to a list of features?

Apache httpd has adopted linux-style version numbering, so 2.1 is the 
development branch for an eventual 2.2 release.  Unfortunately, we aren't 
properly tracking new features yet, other than in the CHANGES file 
referenced above.

There should be a development release of the 2.1 branch some time soon. 
But I have no idea exactly when.


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