Thanks for the relevant information.
Sorry, I did not waited and now have 3 files updated using UTF-8.
For checking-in translated files; what do you suggest?
I am tempted to start checking in as I go but will it be better
to wait until I have at least something like ten files ready?
Thanks for the help.

>>> 5/5/2004 3:04:17 PM >>>
* "Jean-Jacques Clar" <> wrote:

> Which encoding should be used for the .fr files?
> I started using UTF-8 (which is cool because I could type directly special
> characters like é, ë, ç), but the source document I am reviewing is also
> iso-8859-1.

The source encoding (xml) is mostly your decision. It just should be
consistent through the whole stuff. At least as target charset (for html) I'm
suggesting iso-8859-1 or -15 (with a tendence to -1, because it may be better
supported by clients), because it's simply smaller than utf-8. The
recoding is done by the transformation process, so that's not a problem.

An argument could be to use iso-8859-1 in source as well to keep source and
target consistent.

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