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From "Jean-Jacques Clar" <>
Subject French Translation: Please review formatting
Date Fri, 07 May 2004 21:24:51 GMT
Attached: - bootstrap & style files: fr.xml and lang-targets.xml- 3
translated files: new_features, index, and bind  
If someone could let me know if things are starting on the right path,
I would be grateful.
I finally used ISO-8859-1, with special characters replacement using
corresponding numbers. Thanks to for a starting
I have few newbie questions: 1- The documentation is supposed to be for
2.1 (or I would say 2.x in general), that is what is coming out of
fr.xml but most of the titles are for 2.0: should that be changed for
2.x and making special notes when it applies only to 2.1? It is the same
for other languages as I can see. 2- Revision,. should I put a number
there or it would be updated by cvs when checking in? 3- Copyright 2004:
(only) Is that correct? 
4- Indentation is of 2 or 4 characters depending on the source file.
Does it matter,
or should it be always 4 like for C source files?
Thanks to Vincent Deffontaines for the submitted files. I will try to
more in the next few days....

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