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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Starting Apache Tutorial and How to web site
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 19:10:20 GMT
On Wed, 5 May 2004 wrote:

> Hey everyone on the list my Name is Kyle Hamilton I have been
> using Apache for about 3 years now and have to say I love it. I
> am currently starting up a older idea I had to make a web site
> where anyone can go and get some really easy Tutorials and
> How-Tos *something a little more user friendly then the current
> documentation* I was wondering if anyone out there would be
> interested in helping? This could be a lot of fun and would help
> a lot of people. All content would be released under a Creative
> Commons License so that its open to anyone to use and such please
> email me *or reply to the list* I would like to get a work beta
> web site up sometime before then end of the year

I've got two reactions. :-)

1) Yay. Awesome. More power to you, and I wish you much success. I would
be glad to participate in some role or another, although I don't know
that it could be in a content-producing role right now, due to many
other obligations.

2) What's unfriendly about the current documentation? Feedback of this
nature is welcomed and helpful, so that we can fix what's broken, and
make the docs ever better. The more specific you can be in your
complaints, the better I'll like it. We do have a "howto" section, but,
I'll admit, it's rather sparse, and a number of the articles in it need
a great deal of overhauling and perhaps rewriting - something that's
been on my ToDo list for at least a year now.

I keep walking, from daybreak 'til the falling night
And as days turn into weeks and years,
And years turn into lifetimes, I just keep walking
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