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From André Malo>
Subject Re: French Translation: Please review formatting
Date Sat, 08 May 2004 18:05:43 GMT
* "Jean-Jacques Clar" <> wrote:

> Attached: - bootstrap & style files: fr.xml and lang-targets.xml- 3
> translated files: new_features, index, and bind  
> If someone could let me know if things are starting on the right path,
> I would be grateful.
> I finally used ISO-8859-1, with special characters replacement using
> decimal
> corresponding numbers. Thanks to for a starting
> script.

Looks mostly fine. Just some nits:

- lang-targets.xml is autogenerated, you don't need to let it be reviewed ;)
- please comment out the <man> part in fr.xml, currently there's no deployment
of non-english man pages. (If someone knows, how this is done properly please
speak up :)
- In the actual content files, please note the revision, *they are refering
to* (like the other translations do). Like

<!-- English Revision: xyz -->

instead of the current $Revision$ stuff. The revision of the translation is
not of interest, but if you have the English revision noted in the document,
the automatic checker can determine if it's outdated (thatsway the English
documents are the only ones that contain $Revision$, which is expanded by

> 1- The documentation is supposed to be for
> 2.1 (or I would say 2.x in general), that is what is coming out of
> fr.xml but most of the titles are for 2.0: should that be changed for
> 2.x and making special notes when it applies only to 2.1? It is the same
> for other languages as I can see.

There are two CVS branches (the same as for the code). HEAD is httpd-2.1 and
APACHE_2_0_BRANCH is httpd-2.0. The docs are in wide parts the same but in
other parts they differ much as well.

Essentially there are two complete doc trees, one for each branch.

Hmm. Did this answer your question somehow?

> 2- Revision,. should I put a number
> there or it would be updated by cvs when checking in?

ah, see above :). I hope, it does explain it.

> 3- Copyright 2004:
> (only) Is that correct? 


> 4- Indentation is of 2 or 4 characters depending on the source file.
> Does it matter,
> or should it be always 4 like for C source files?

Your decision. I'm recommending 4 spaces and avoiding tabs.

Thank you both for the stuff!

print "Just Another Perl Hacker";

# André Malo, <> #

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