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From Jani Mikkonen <>
Subject Re: Spanish docu translations ?!
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 08:12:03 GMT
André Malo wrote:

>* Jani Mikkonen <> wrote:
>>>People just need to drop a note here if they want to be listed. I think,
>>>it's not really necessary to make that file dynamic, it doesn't change
>>>that often ;-)
>>Lets compare that to: 
>>I can understand that translation for gui stuff is more urgent than 
>>documentation for apache documentation but as i closely follow gnome 
>>development too, i think their approach is much more "enabling" for 
>>those who really want to help and thus i see Fernando's suggestion quite 
>>appropriate atleast in some levels.
>As far as I can see, translating or even contributing to the docs of an
>"administrator-like" software like Apache is just not attractive enough to
>get such a lot of people.

Yes, that why i pointed out (hopefully) that it might not allways be the 
best idea. But if im thinking myself for example, i am (or was) 
administrator and i've allways had some ideas that i could donate 
something back to apache project but technical means are not enabling me 
to do that. I'm quite busy keeping my daywork and family going so, 
making things easy to do translations aint that bad thing. And even now, 
there's people talking about that translations are not getting to the 
public but are lost in some patches in the mailing list. That is not 
very nice thing for those who haven taken the time and help out apache.

So my serious question is: Why hog all the work for people who are not 
doing them ?

           (o o)
       Jani Mikkonen

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