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From "Sidney Doria" <>
Subject Re: Apache on windows - persistent database connections
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 10:56:39 GMT
    Hi Goran,

In almost Unix flavors, Apache starts a root control program that starts n nobody child process
to handle requests. Is a normal behavior when a child dies and Apache control program launch
a new child to replace it. Indeed in Apache-Unix world, each child have its lifetime stipulated
by its amount of requests.

Apache on Windows have no lifetime defined for a child. Yes, there is only a child with threads
to handle requests, but if this child dies for some reason, Apache will replace it with new
one. Consider this behaviour before your tasks.

Sidney Doria

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  From: Goran Krajacic 
  Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 6:01 AM
  Subject: Apache on windows - persistent database connections


  I have read that Apache uses multi processing(one master process with many child processes).
My problem was that i needed to create only ONE persistent database connection to SQL server(but
of course in Apache every child process would create its own persistent connection).

  Recently i have again read the docs and i noticed the mpm_winnt (This Multi-Processing Module
is optimized for Windows NT):
  This Multi-Processing Module (MPM) is the default for the Windows NT operating systems.
It uses a single control process which launches a single child process which in turn creates
threads to handle requests


  So my question is if this is what im searching for? Will this module work the way that it
creates only one persistent database connection?

  Thanks and best regards


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