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Subject Re: Apache 2.1 docs: perf-tuning.xml (questions)
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 11:14:16 GMT

> To be honest, I've always found everything from "compile-time
> configuration issues" down to be very confusing, and I've pretty
> much ignored it.

In general, I didn't find it confusing, although some sections
require a lot of understanding about UNIX and processes.

My questions were just so detailled because I had to review a
translation where every word might count.

> I've also wondered, on the few times when I *have* tried to read
> through it, how much of it is still accurate, given that most of
> this was written 5+ years ago.

Of course there might be certain changes but many issues could
hardly have changed (like symlinks and .htaccess files).

> Would it be possible for someone to read through all that stuf and
> make some remarks about whether it is relevant, helpful, and necessary?

I don't know the Apache 2 source code, yet I considered every-
thing more or less helpful.

The MPM reference is short but points to a separate document,
so it can't be too wrong here.

The section "Run-Time Configuration Issues / Process Creation" looks
like pure Apache 1.3 stuff (i. e. MPM "prefork"?).
Maybe this might belong into the MPM document now.

The 'accept' stuff is a lot of lines to explain the right choice
for a certain platform (I guess this basically will make one
hope that 'configure' will do the right thing already...). This
section is referenced by AcceptMutex directive description (in
mpm_common), so it should either remain here or be moved there.
(The name of this directive seems to be missing in the link list
at the start of "Run-Time Configuration Issues".)

The LINGERING_CLOSE stuff looks interesting mostly from a computer
scientist's point of view as not many admins will actually turn
this off (target group might be people porting to new platforms?).
This would be my first candidate for moving it into a separate
document and only have a reference here; the number of cases where
it will actually be of use seems to be limited.

The appendix (truss trace) claims to be about Apache 2.0.38 so it
might not be outdated either. This trace basically serves as a big
example for several issues described earlier in the document; it
didn't provide too much new information to me but gave me an idea
how to do a trace like this myself in case I wanted to check certain
things. Of course it is not really necessary for the Apache user;
then again this may apply to the whole document...

Regards, Michael

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