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Subject Re: Contribution offer: Help with German Translation/Review
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 10:35:56 GMT

Hi Sascha,

> I would like to help the Apache community in turn by translating
> parts of the web server's documentation into German language or
> by reviewing other translators' work.

this is a very good time for this type of activity.

If you look at the postings to this list during the past weeks
you can see that Jobst Giesecke is posting lots of translations
for Apache 2.1 manual parts here every other day, formatted as
XML documents according to the latest Apache document standard.

I am reviewing parts of these but of course your help would be
appreciated. Jobst is translating as a professional job (this
is going to be a book about Apache 2.1 IIRC) and I cannot match
his speed with my occasional reviews.
So feel free to grab any of his postings and review these.
Jobst is translating a lot of stuff in a short time, and I have
to correct quite some lines within every document; still, this
method works well for me as it would take me much longer for
translating the whole documents myself.
Perhaps you should read some of my recent postings as a start -
and if you find errors there please tell us.

As for synchronizing between us, you should know that my
experience with Apache 2 is only because of this reviewing
process, and I tend to pick documents focussing on topics I
know from Apache 1.3 already.
So it would be best if you start with modules that are new in
Apache 2.x (like the whole WebDAV stuff, or mod_proxy being
split into several modules) or that I am not familiar with (like
the whole SSL stuff). The closer to the Apache core a module /
document is, the more likely I will want to review it; thus I
would like to take the performance guide next while I would like
to stay away from the rewrite guide...
But if you like to pick documents of your own choice feel free
to do so. It doesn't hurt to have more than one review of a
module - the process will be iterative anyway.

Regards, Michael

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