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From Ilia Soldis <>
Subject Re: russian docs ver 2.0
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 11:12:05 GMT
Hello. Actually this variant of translation belongs to me and I knowingly
did it in such  way. I issued from the fact that programming hooks actually
look very much like fishing hooks. Apache hooking mechanism provides
programmers with capability of "hooking" functions from their modules in a
specified order. And what is more - I've left the original word "hook" in
the translated text, so professional programmers would immediately
understand what it means and beginners and sysadmins (without programming
skills) would understand the point in a general way and what is more
important they would have the english word "hook" as a reference to API
But if you insist I can submit this new paragraph to the repository. But I
still propose to keep original word "hook" in the translation.

Ilia Soldis
Internet Centre of Tver State University

On 1/20/04 3:09, "Alexander Samoilov" <> wrote:
> Hello All, concerning russian documentation.
> I have found section "Новый API для Apache" (New Apache API)
> in file.
> This section have been translated just like we talk about fishing.
> We must explain difference between "hook" in fishing and "hook" in
> programming to translator.
> I propose to change this section completely to following text:
> "Новый API для Apache
> В версии 2.0 значительно изменился API модулей.
> Многие проблемы версии 1.3, связанные с приоритетами/очерёдностью
> должны уйти.
> В версии 2.0 многое делается автоматически, а для
большей гибкости очерёдность
> модулей
> обеспечивается специальными стыковочными средствами.
Также, были добавлены
> новые вызовы,
> обеспечивающие дополнительные возможности модулей
без наложения патчей на ядро
> сервера."
> Alexander Samoilov,
> VNIIM, D.I.Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology
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