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From Lonnie <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for security tips page.
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:41:05 GMT

>My point for the post was that this should be told in the security tips
>pages as it might not be obvious to everyone who starts to configure
>apache the way they like it.  And most cases, there are different people
>for writing the content files and for configuring apache. So you cannot
>just eliminate stupidity without heavy larting and bofhing.
>This didnt come to me as "yeah it would be fun to block these" but i
>actually withnessed someone probing my homesite. That prober had created
>a list of all files in my docroot with *.php extension and crawling thru
>them and then sending requests with same filename and ~ at the end.
I've had some probes/attempted attacks recently also and I agree with 
Jani that a security tip in the documentation would be a good thing. I 
already had a rule in place in my httpd.conf file to prevent people from 
browsing files with ~ in the name but to newer admins it may not be an 
obvious thing to setup.

As Jani pointed out, there are a number of ways for potentially 
exploitable files to make their way onto the site. We have a lot of 
people that use Dreamweaver, which creates .tmp files if you try and 
preview a page (scripted or not). These files sometimes linger around 
and the potential for them being synchronized to the live site does exist.

I'd be willing to take a stab at writing a security tip for this 
particular instance if the consensus is that it would be useful.

Lonnie Smetana
Web Developer
University of Manitoba

v: 204.474.7228

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