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From (Jobst Giesecke)
Subject Problems with the translation of the Developer-Doc for 2.0
Date Sat, 17 Jan 2004 19:06:30 GMT
The doc states:

"Many of the documents on these Developer pages are lifted from Apache 
1.3's documentation. While they are all being updated to Apache 2.0, 
they are in different stages of progress..."(index.xml)

Which parts are updated and which are not?

This paragraph obvisiously must be lifted vor Apache 2.0:
sorry I lie, this pool isn't called this currently in 1.3, I renamed it 
this in my pthreads development. I'm referring to the use of ptrans in 
the parent... contrast this with the later definition of ptrans in the 

Is someone updating the documentation or can someone propose what to 
write for Version 2.0?

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